Business Handshake


You can apply for a Turkish Businessperson visa if you’re a Turkish national and you want to:

  • start a new business in the UK

  • come to the UK to help run an established business


We are licensed to provide a full range of immigration advice services in relation to applying and extending Turkish Businessperson visa for you and your dependents. It does not end there when you get the first visa granted, it in fact becomes more complicated. While running a new business, you will face regulatory complexities in operating in a different country of your origin. UK tax regulations are very complex and you certainly need a professional help from a firm which is regulated by a well-recognised body such as Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW). 



In addition to helping you apply for a Turkish Businessperson visa, we take the burden of all regulatory steps from you and act on behalf of you from day one. You will only deal with running your own business which is the best you do. We can help you with;


  • New company formation in the UK under the regulations of Companies House,

  • Developing a tailored business plan,

  • Obtaining National Insurance (NI) Number,

  • Obtaining Unique Tax Reference Numbers (for you as an individual and your company)

  • Company secretarial services until your company has a base location,

  • Compliance with corporation tax (for the company) and personal tax for the owner and spouse,

  • Submitting the year end accounts to the Companies House,

  • Submitting tax returns,

  • Running payroll for directors and all employees on a monthly basis,

  • Compliance with pensions auto-enrollment regulations,

  • Compiling required documents for visa extensions including board minutes, public liability insurances, and tenancy agreements and many more,

  • Assisting in opening a business bank account,

  • Preparing commercial agreements with customers and suppliers (legal firm support might be needed if the agreement is complicated),

  • Obtaining evidences from HMRC for the payments of all taxes have fallen due,

  • Preparing a Memorandum of Association (MOA) which states the company’s relationship with the owners.


Contact us for a free 30 mins consultation to discuss other bespoke services. We have previously helped our clients with a wide range of concerns such as schooling/ childcare arrangements information, health services, housing support and arranging temporary accommodation etc.